National Rifle Association Pistol Instructor Training
NRA Instructor class Pistol NJ
NRA Pistol Class NJ

As a new instructor you are required to attend the Basic Instructors Course before you attend any instructor class.
As a certified instructor you must have attended the Basic Instructors Course within the past two years to attend.

Under NRA guidelines you must take a pre course evaluation and pass before you can attend any instructor class.
SHOOT NJ requires you to have attended a NRA basic class/First Steps, be a competition shooter,PD training or have a
DD214 with pistol ratings with proof before you can attend the instructor class.
Instructor classes are intended for people
confident with and knowledgeable about the subjects to be taught.
Example, Pistol: Must be failure with single action, double action, semiautomatic, malfunctions, take downs, cleaning and
shooting fundamentals.  
Dress: casual for classroom, what you would wear while teaching
Range: Comfortable, no open toed shoes
Breakfast rolls/bagels/coffee supplied as well as all training materials
Lunch provided.
Course Starts at 8:00AM
Click here to take SHOOT NJ's
per-qualification knowledge test.
We do not want to waste your money if
you not quite ready for the instructors
course. We would rather you have no
difficulties and enjoy our courses. If there
are any issues we can work with you.
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You MUST complete your registration after you
make your payment at our
Click on it now and it will open in its own window.
Failure to do so will result in you being unable
to attend the class.
This is for insurance and certificate purposes.
NRA Basic Instructor Training (Middletown)
$175.00 Date:
NRA Instructor Pistol Middletown
Range time will be at
Fort Dix
You MUST provide a copy of your NRA Instructor Card or Course Completion Card
BEFORE taking this class.
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New Jersey gun training school
To attend any NRA Instructor classes you have
previously taken the (BIT) Basic Instructor
Training and within the past two years. The
NRA also required a minimum of 3 candidates
rules please go back to your BIT manual and
reread the ETHICS section
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